A lot of people would love to have a mentor, but they can often be hard to find! Not everyone has the expertise or skill set to mentor someone, and not many people have the time or interest in doing so either. 

Having someone to help you develop specific areas you want to improve in can make a big difference. 

Having someone by your side to help you navigate through your challenges is also very valuable. 

But what about the next level beyond this? Do you want to understand yourself better? The way you think, why you do the things you do, and why you are where you are?

Do you want someone to show you the mirror, and help you turn all that grey area into black and white?

Most people are sleepwalking through life and need to be woken up, but you don’t have to be one of them!



Do you REALLY want the truth? Most people don’t realise that they NEED the truth.

Do you want to CHANGE your life?

Do you want to stop regretting missed opportunities and start taking more chances?

Do you want to Elevate Yourself?

If so, you are in the right place!


David Kenney
Partner at Hall Chadwick, Director of Startup Grind and Co-Founder of Peak, Business Mentor of INCUBATE Startup Program, Startmate and muru-D
Eugene’s courses are special - in equal parts demanding and enjoyable. He manages to synthesise concepts that might take days in a leadership course into an hour or two. It’s impressive. Eugene provides powerful insights and challenges. It was transformative for me in some ways, and I am very grateful for the opportunity
Alex Green
CEO of Arthritis NSW and President of Manly Allambie United FC
The format Eugene has created with his programs is a testament to his skill, vision, tenacity and humility. The culmination of his previous experience along with his vision for coaching in our country has created something special and I want to thank him for his creation and including me on the journey where so much learning and growth has taken place. It has certainly opened my eyes and mind to a higher level of thinking and reinvigorated my desire to be a great coach.
James Mitchell
CEO of Workshop Software Pty Ltd and CEO of Autosoft Pty Ltd

Eugene Lawrenz

Eugene Lawrenz has been a football coach for more than 15 years, having coached thousands of players of all ages, genders and skill levels, as well as having taught thousands of coaches over the last 12 years as a coach educator. He has also directly mentored over 100 coaches and fellow coach educators.

Eugene has worked for several State and National Federations in Australia, been Technical Director of several large clubs and high level programs, and travelled the world to learn from some of the best minds in sport. He was also a member of the initial Executive Committee that set up Football Coaches Australia.

Eugene is now launching a new project called ‘Elevate Yourself’, offering mentoring to those who really want to change their lives but are struggling to figure out how to make it become a reality.

Elevate Your Day

  • FREE initial consultation
  • No commitment, but you'll still walk away with some very challenging questions to reflect on

Elevate Your Year

  • 4 in-depth consultations
  • Detailed individual development plan
  • Discounts to all online events

Elevate Your Life

  • Customised regular schedule of in-depth consultations
  • Detailed individual development plan
  • Free access to all online events
  • Support 'on the job' in-person (subject to location)